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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Feature in Summer Issue Pdn Pix magazine

Apologies for the radio silence for the last few months. These few months have been mostly about planing and expanding. Ideas for rebranding JustNoey, a new website and more collections. Lots in the pipeline. In the mean time, I am excited to share, JustNoey's latest Press mention in the Summer Issue of photography magazine Pdn digital version PIX. Check it out here and read the magazine here.


Wednesday 28 March 2012

Ceramics Matchbox Collection

So excited to finally share my Ceramic Matchbox Collection. The Ceramic boxes are available online here!

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Lomo India

I visited family in India back in Feb for a few weeks. Here are a few film photos from my trip to New Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai taken from my faithful Lomo LCA. I ended up shooting more digital this time because I had my new Olympus Pen-ep2 camera to play. Will share the digital pictures of India soon.
 Umbrella Seller
 Handmade toy umbrella seller with her gorgeous yellow skirt at SurajKund Craft Mela

Coca-Cola branded camel
Saw this Coca-Cola branded camel at the craft fair and didn't know if was crazy fun or just plain sad! Branding gone way too far!
Hawa Mahal - Wind Palace - Jaipur
We took a day trip to Jaipur from Delhi and just enjoyed walking around. I've visited Jaipur lots of times but it was Mr. S's first visit. Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds) Jaipur. The reason it's called the wind palace is that it has 953 windows that allow the breeze to cool the palace.

  RP ❤ Green Door

Fishing Boats - Mumbai

Even though we were in Mumbai for 5 days this was the only time we managed to hang out at the beach. 
 And they say only women gossip

Friday 16 March 2012



So besides creating all JustNoey ceramic products, I've been recently trying out hand-building ceramics too. This is one of the pieces I created. Inspired by the cobalt blue pottery and summer, I created this bowl. I've used a gorgeous glaze on the inside of the bowl, that cracks on firing and gave a few blue dotted washes. While putting the blue dots, one of them trickled down, but I kinda love this mistake, because with that's what makes it special. Mr. S has already taken dibs on it already! Also it's taken a little longer to complete photographing my new Ceramic Matchbox Collection, but I am finally happy with how they look and really excited to share them. So watch out for them here next week.

Monday 12 March 2012

JustNoey in Chickpea magazine

JustNoey in Chickpea magazine Spring Issue
JustNoey in Chickpea magazine Spring Issue
So excited for JustNoey's alphabet plate V for Veggies to be featured in the Spring issue of Chickpea Magazine. Chickpea is a gorgeous vegan food magazine available quarterly. You can read all the issues for free online or you can purchase high-quality sustainable printed copies here.

Monday 5 March 2012

*Sneak Peek* Ceramics Matchbox Collection

*new* Ceramics Matchbox Collection

I am soooo excited to finally share a sneak peek of my new collection of Ceramic Matchboxes that I've been working since mid last year! After a lot of hard work, hiccups, frustration, disappointments, late nights, I am so ready to share it with everyone. This collection as you can see is inspired by Vintage matchbox packaging design. There are 6 designs in total and all the ceramic boxes have original illustrations by me.

Friday 27 January 2012

Spotted at TopDrawer 2012

Spotted at TopDrawer 

Spotted at TopDrawer

Apologies it's been so quiet lately on the Blog front. This year started out with a bang with my first ever Trade Show. Here are a few pictures from Spotted at Top Drawer Spring 2012 show at Earl's Court. Each year Spotted at Top Drawer is curated by Interiors writer Charlotte Abrahams to showcase 12 upcoming  designers and design based businesses and it was really exciting to be part of this year's fabulous group.

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year Guys! December passed by in a flurry of packing orders that I didn't really get a chance to blog. After a very lazy Holiday, I'm back in the New Year with restored energy for 2012. It's just the 4th day of the New Year but it's already turning out to be very busy. I'm taking part in my very first Trade Fair this January in a couple of weeks time and am really excited how far Just Noey has come along. I'll share more details and finally reveal a collection really close to heart that has taken almost a year in the making. In the mean time if like me you are having some PHB (Post Holiday Blues) why not head to my etsy shop. Starting today everything has a 15% off.
Use discount code: WINTERBLUES at checkout. Just Noey Winter Sale

Friday 4 November 2011

Docklands Walk

So couple of weekends back we finally used our Groupon coupon for a Docklands Walk with UrbanGlue. Here are a few pictures. I've never really explored the Docklands before and it turned out to be an interesting exploration. Among other things we came across The Tate & Lyle factory that invented the sugar cube. It is interesting how we take for granted simple things like that but what a significant invention it would have been at that time! I love knowing weird quirky things about London like that. The Thames Water barrier was another place I can't believe I haven't visited before. I would definitely recommend the walk to everyone.

Friday 30 September 2011

Getting ready for Renegade Craft Fair

Thought I'd remind everyone that it's only a week left to Renegade Craft Fair London. I am in full on preparation mode at the moment. Trying not to panic but really excited at the same time. Another reason being that I'll be launching first of my two new collections for Autumn / Winter 2011. I've been working on this collection almost since the beginning of the year and I am really happy how it's turned out. All of those you cannot make it to Renegade London 8-9th October, I'll share pictures of the new product line soon!

Thursday 29 September 2011

Sunbury Antiques Fair

So this Tuesday I woke up really early to finally make a trip to the Sunbury Antiques Fair at the Kempton Race course. It's only a 45 mins train ride from Waterloo station but I would serious recommend going there with a van and loads of cash! I don't have a car and don't drive but I'm planning to beg friends if I have to for my next trip! I was like a kid in a candy shop. It was seriously better than what I expected and HUGE and very fairly affordable prices. From the bizarre to functional, Indian to Mid-Century there is something for everyone.

By the end of the morning my blue Ikea bag was full of goodies including a Vintage Indian cola drink (Thumbs Up) crate, some matchbox Ephemera, an Old Teacher's Whisky wooden box and a few old tea towels for photo shoot props. I just can't wait to go back.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Really excited to share with everybody my new Summer inspired Polaroid Coasters. Not only are there 8 new designs (beside the 16 older ones) but I'm also changed the actual tile which is locally sourced and 100% British. All the Polaroid ceramic coasters are available here to purchase.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Wishlist Wednesdays

Today's Wishlist Wednesdays is all about Retro Chic meets Nostalgic Summer! 1. First up is this amazing recycled Cointreau bottle pendant lamp 2. Exclusively to Selfridges 125 years Anniversary special CocaCola wooden box set with 4 bottles of the very first designs (I am sooo buying this) 3. Cute Retro TV brooch by VectorCloud 4. This swimming pool bowl by Helen Beard took me back to summer holidays going swimming everyday 5. Ribbon stripped printed Duvet by Urban Outfitters 6. How fun are these No. 6 Candy lollypop by VintageConfections

Thursday 5 May 2011

A London Walk...

A few weeks ago armed with my Holga and some black and white film, I went for a photography walk with my friend Ben. It turned out to be great day because even though I've been living in London for more than 5 years now... I ended up discovering some hidden gems. Ben's lived in London for more than 20 years and his love affair with the city is very unique. Ben loves architecture and his knowledge and point of view was an amazing discovery. Our walk was mostly confined to the City of London.

Cloth Fair - Smithfields

This gorgeous 17th century house that survived the great fire. But the best thing about this place is that for 6 million it can be yours as it's for sale at the moment.

Lady at Postman's Park

Part of the "Melancholy London" is the Postman's Park which has the memorial for Heroic self sacrifice.

30 Cannon St

Standing at the edge of Cannon St. & Queen Victoria St. and really looking at this gorgeous building for the first time.


Some discoveries were my own... like this "like sign" made out of post it.

St. Paul's Reflection

Even though I've been to St. Paul's countless time what was new was this glass monster of a shopping centre that's opened up recently!

Tower near St. Pauls

And saving the best for last is this Church tower of Christ Church Greyfriars. Turns out that, not only was this designed by Sir Christopher Wren but is now someone's home!!! And wait for it... It is up for sale for £4.5 million!! If I had the money I would buy that place in a heartbeat!!! Imagine owning a home that was designed by one of the most important architects of English history! And of course the views of the City from the top of the tower would be to die for! I know Mr. S would love it... But wonder how Mr. B my cat would take living in it?? Check out all the inside images here.

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