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Thursday 5 May 2011

A London Walk...

A few weeks ago armed with my Holga and some black and white film, I went for a photography walk with my friend Ben. It turned out to be great day because even though I've been living in London for more than 5 years now... I ended up discovering some hidden gems. Ben's lived in London for more than 20 years and his love affair with the city is very unique. Ben loves architecture and his knowledge and point of view was an amazing discovery. Our walk was mostly confined to the City of London.

Cloth Fair - Smithfields

This gorgeous 17th century house that survived the great fire. But the best thing about this place is that for 6 million it can be yours as it's for sale at the moment.

Lady at Postman's Park

Part of the "Melancholy London" is the Postman's Park which has the memorial for Heroic self sacrifice.

30 Cannon St

Standing at the edge of Cannon St. & Queen Victoria St. and really looking at this gorgeous building for the first time.


Some discoveries were my own... like this "like sign" made out of post it.

St. Paul's Reflection

Even though I've been to St. Paul's countless time what was new was this glass monster of a shopping centre that's opened up recently!

Tower near St. Pauls

And saving the best for last is this Church tower of Christ Church Greyfriars. Turns out that, not only was this designed by Sir Christopher Wren but is now someone's home!!! And wait for it... It is up for sale for £4.5 million!! If I had the money I would buy that place in a heartbeat!!! Imagine owning a home that was designed by one of the most important architects of English history! And of course the views of the City from the top of the tower would be to die for! I know Mr. S would love it... But wonder how Mr. B my cat would take living in it?? Check out all the inside images here.


Rhianne said...

beautiful photos. I spent a year living there and I'm so sad I didn't have my cameras then, I need to go back just to take photos :)

ashleyTIA said...

My favorite thing about photography is that it opens your eyes to new places even if you have lived there for years. Great photos!

Vesle Serena said...

Yes great photos. I love the atmosphere. It doesnt even look like the London I am used to see on pictures. & oh I just love the film grain!

Justnoey said...

Thanks Serena! It's just the magic of shooting with black & white film! Everything looks so dreamy!

Caroline Hancox said...

Great photos, my Dad used to work in the building on photo no.3 (or at least that is what I believe, may of remembered a childhood story wrong, but I am pretty sure it was this one!)

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