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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Home for the Holidays

So I've finally wrapped up my JustNoey store for the Holidays. My first proper Christmas as a business woman was full of adventures to say the least! Loads of Ups (I am so happy and lucky to have been Etsy's Featured Seller and all the lovely response that I've got for my work) and Downs (Mostly hating & cursing RoyalMail for breaking or losing my work) I am ready to take some time-off and just do fun things around the house like DIY projects I've been meaning to work on for soooo long, or go for walks with my cameras around London again, if the bloody snow will let me. Did I mention that I (am the exception to the rest of the world) HATE the snow! It's been the pain in my behind literary as I had a nasty fall a few days back!
Anyway one of the pending project that I wanted to do since this April (when we moved to our current flat and have only just managed) was to shoot it! Mr. S and I've had loads of fun putting our mark on it!



View of the snow covered back yard and the conservatory / dining / Mr. S man cave. (*Ahem* that I ended up occupying most of the time as my packing station!)

Home - Guest Toilet


Original Vintage Bollywood Poster I bought on my last trip to India.


A fun DIY Project Mr. S & I did doodling an old Ikea table with our favourite things. (Ok so I doodled and he project managed it! :D) I'll share more pictures as a before and after soon.


Sleeping Beauty


There is so many exciting projects that I've already started planning for the New Year and I can't wait to share them with everybody. Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I'll see you after the Holidays!

Monday 8 November 2010

*NEW* Post-a-plate: King Bob Stamps

*NEW* Post-a-plate: King Bob Stamps

*NEW* Post-a-plate: King Bob Stamps

A new Post-a-plate dedicated to my cat King Bob. From twitter addiction to sitting in the front seat of the Double Decker bus here are few of his favourite things. These are special issue stamps showing all the things he loved doing around his kingdom! King Bob Post-a-plate is available in my Etsy Shop.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Just Noey feature Oh Comely Magazine

Oh Comely magazine Feature

Oh Comely magazine Feature

Just Noey is featured in this month's Oh Comely Magazine. Grab your copy here or at any of their stockists. And one lucky reader of the magazine gets one Alphabet plate of their choice absolutely FREE. All you have to do it write to them. Details in the magazine.

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Thursday 21 October 2010

Fresh from the oven

I'm really excited to share the first look of the all new Polaroid Coasters. Frankly all the attention they've been getting off late came as a bit of a surprise to me. I wasn't prepared for it. But this is the first in a few new products I'll be sharing with everybody really soon. The new coasters along with the current ones are available in my Etsy shop.

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Wednesday 13 October 2010

Angus and Celeste

These gorgeous bottle vases are from Australian designer duo Keir Angus MacDonald and Asha Celeste. I love the combination of a simple form of the porcelian bottle and the printed flora. Their work includes ceramic jewellery, tiles and other home accessories. Check them out here.

Monday 4 October 2010

Mr. S vs Mr. B

So we recently bought a gorgeous vintage Oxblood Queen Anne Chesterfield armchair for Mr. S's man cave aka the conservatory. But since it's arrival Mr. S & Mr. B the cat have had a power struggle as to who it belongs to. Guess who won and has now parked himself & taken claim! :)

Napping on the new chair!

Thursday 16 September 2010

Goodbye Summer... Hello Autumn

Here comes the boys

Here comes the boys

Summer of 2010 wasn't the most memorable of them all but it sure was hot (by London standards), creative and calm. I'm going to miss all the gorgeous light we've had. Loads of changes happened this summer. I designed two new lines for JustNoey. We moved to our new flat (and slowly but surely are trying to make it a home). I also met Bobo who has now adopted us! He sleeps, eats, drinks, and stays in our flat most of the time. I feel sad for his owners but I really enjoy his company so I'm not complaining. Mr. S says I stole him but all I do is give him a little food and sooooooo many cuddles. Most of the time he doesn't even want food just wants to sit in my studio with me while I work. It's his decision. I won't say I'm looking forward to autumn but I sure am looking for change which I think I'm going to get plenty off!

*New* JustNoey Website

The new website for JustNoey is finally launched. Check it out here.

Friday 27 August 2010

Alphabet Plates

So all the Alphabet plates have finally been shot and are now available here to purchase. They are available both in Black and Cobalt Blue. And now it's back to the drawing board for me to illustrate the 6 alphabets I missed out in the first go and a lot of interesting new ideas for the next line. I know I've neglected the blog lately but I'll be sharing a brand new Just Noey website really soon! The blog will of course stay as it is as my voice for all my adventures.

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Wednesday 21 July 2010

Bristol in pictures

Impromptu weekend trip to Bristol turned out to be lots of fun. My first visit to this amazingly creative city but definitely not the last.

Branded at the GrillStock Food festival! Mr. S was all starry eyed and getting excited with wood chips for smoking meat and giant BBQ grills! Men!!!

Walking on the Harbour Rail tracks... kept expecting the train to come along any moment!
Tapas at The Olive Shed!
Came across this beautiful Decoupaged table with Vintage Postcards at the Tobacco Factory Sunday Market.
Some seriously gorgeous graffiti!

Real Ale Chutney at the Tobacco Factory.

Monday 12 July 2010

Summer Craftacular

Summer isn't summer until one's visited BUST magazine's bi-yearly crafts fair! I took a break from work and went for a quick visit. I had fun meeting some familair faces zeena shah and that kate and exploring all the beautiful works by the 60 artists presenting there.

Beautiful hand cut birds on vintage maps by Four & Plenty

Realllly quirky cross-stitched kits by Urban Cross Stitch.

Illustrated printed textiles (cushions & bags) by Caroline Dulko
Can't wait for the Christmas one!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Shooting the Alphabet Plates

I finally got a chance to shoot some of the alphabet plates. I decided I'll start with all the alphabets that have cakes in them so I could go cake shopping! :) I think art directing and styling the photography is as important to me as the actual idea and designing. Each shoot is a massive learning curve for me and for this one I have to agree that less is more. I've kept it really simple and decided to shoot white on white. The alphabet plates will be available online soon and in the mean time here's the result:

T for Tea Time plate

D for Dessert Plate

C for Cake

Oh! and yeah All Alphabet plates will be available in Black & Blue.

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