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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Ceramics Matchbox Collection

So excited to finally share my Ceramic Matchbox Collection. The Ceramic boxes are available online here!


danhvidding said...

Wow- these are awesome! I stumbled on your work while doing my own research for doing ceramic decals (overglaze). I've had some trials and tribulations getting the process down right. Are these overglaze decals? If so- what type of decal medium, decal paper, covercoat do you use? I've had trouble getting clean lines when screen printing onto decal paper and also experienced blowouts in the fired ware when done.

Justnoey said...

Thanks Mehul!

मेरी कलम said...
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मेरी कलम said...

Please visit following link and enjoy our matchbox collection from Ayodhya(U.P.)- INDIA.

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