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Monday 24 May 2010

And the winner is...

M for Mushrooms

Thanks so much everyone for the comments & tweets and for helping me decide which Alphabet plates to print. The clear favourite was the Black & White plates so that's what I've decided I'll print. And congratulations to Matt for winning the lucky dip for the free Alphabet plate of his choice.

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Tuesday 18 May 2010

B is for Breakfast

B for Breakfast prints

B for Breakfast laptop skin

B for Breakfast iphone skin at Society6

B for Breakfast T-shirt

My B is for Breakfast hand-illustrated type is now available to purchase at Society6 as Prints, T-shirt, iphone & laptop skins. Check them out here.

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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Alphabet plates dilemma

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm creating a new series of Plates for We Make London Summer Fair called Alphabet Plates. I've printed and fired a few samples but I need some help deciding which set of plates to go ahead and print. The classic Black & White plates or the vibrant coloured plates. I have been working on them and staring at them for so long that I've lost all perspective to make a decision. So I would really appreciate if you guys could help in deciding which one. And as an incentive I'll choose one random person who comments or tweets to receive one plate with their initial or initial of their choice for FREE. To enter please either comment to this post (make sure you enter an email address) or tweet your choice to @justnoey Saying either option 1. B&W or option 2. Colour. And please don't say both cause at this point I can only make one of the series.

Sneak Peak: P is for Pasta

Option 1: B&W

P plate in colour

Option 2: Colour

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Sneak Peak: P is for Pasta

I know it's a really long time since I last posted anything... I have soo many photos, news, things that I want to share that have been back lagging for me. I blame house move, no internet, holidays, Milan Design week and last but not the least Volcanic ashclouds for all of it. I think instead of starting from where I last left off I think I'll talk about what been happening lately and then work my way back including some amazing posts on Milan's Design Festival Salone De Mobile.

Sneak Peak: P is for Pasta

So the latest news is that my friend and the very talented Nat Nicklin and I are taking part in We Make London's Summer Fair. And here's a sneak peak at one of my new lines that I will be showcasing there. The Alphabet plates. Inspired by food, each alphabet is hand illustrated with food starting with that alphabet. I started with P of course but in the next few weeks will share with you all the designs.

Sneak Peak: P is for Pasta

So hope to see you all on June 26th at The Chelsea Town Hall!
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