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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Ceramics Matchbox Collection

So excited to finally share my Ceramic Matchbox Collection. The Ceramic boxes are available online here!

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Lomo India

I visited family in India back in Feb for a few weeks. Here are a few film photos from my trip to New Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai taken from my faithful Lomo LCA. I ended up shooting more digital this time because I had my new Olympus Pen-ep2 camera to play. Will share the digital pictures of India soon.
 Umbrella Seller
 Handmade toy umbrella seller with her gorgeous yellow skirt at SurajKund Craft Mela

Coca-Cola branded camel
Saw this Coca-Cola branded camel at the craft fair and didn't know if was crazy fun or just plain sad! Branding gone way too far!
Hawa Mahal - Wind Palace - Jaipur
We took a day trip to Jaipur from Delhi and just enjoyed walking around. I've visited Jaipur lots of times but it was Mr. S's first visit. Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds) Jaipur. The reason it's called the wind palace is that it has 953 windows that allow the breeze to cool the palace.

  RP ❤ Green Door

Fishing Boats - Mumbai

Even though we were in Mumbai for 5 days this was the only time we managed to hang out at the beach. 
 And they say only women gossip

Friday 16 March 2012



So besides creating all JustNoey ceramic products, I've been recently trying out hand-building ceramics too. This is one of the pieces I created. Inspired by the cobalt blue pottery and summer, I created this bowl. I've used a gorgeous glaze on the inside of the bowl, that cracks on firing and gave a few blue dotted washes. While putting the blue dots, one of them trickled down, but I kinda love this mistake, because with that's what makes it special. Mr. S has already taken dibs on it already! Also it's taken a little longer to complete photographing my new Ceramic Matchbox Collection, but I am finally happy with how they look and really excited to share them. So watch out for them here next week.

Monday 12 March 2012

JustNoey in Chickpea magazine

JustNoey in Chickpea magazine Spring Issue
JustNoey in Chickpea magazine Spring Issue
So excited for JustNoey's alphabet plate V for Veggies to be featured in the Spring issue of Chickpea Magazine. Chickpea is a gorgeous vegan food magazine available quarterly. You can read all the issues for free online or you can purchase high-quality sustainable printed copies here.

Monday 5 March 2012

*Sneak Peek* Ceramics Matchbox Collection

*new* Ceramics Matchbox Collection

I am soooo excited to finally share a sneak peek of my new collection of Ceramic Matchboxes that I've been working since mid last year! After a lot of hard work, hiccups, frustration, disappointments, late nights, I am so ready to share it with everyone. This collection as you can see is inspired by Vintage matchbox packaging design. There are 6 designs in total and all the ceramic boxes have original illustrations by me.
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