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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Home for the Holidays

So I've finally wrapped up my JustNoey store for the Holidays. My first proper Christmas as a business woman was full of adventures to say the least! Loads of Ups (I am so happy and lucky to have been Etsy's Featured Seller and all the lovely response that I've got for my work) and Downs (Mostly hating & cursing RoyalMail for breaking or losing my work) I am ready to take some time-off and just do fun things around the house like DIY projects I've been meaning to work on for soooo long, or go for walks with my cameras around London again, if the bloody snow will let me. Did I mention that I (am the exception to the rest of the world) HATE the snow! It's been the pain in my behind literary as I had a nasty fall a few days back!
Anyway one of the pending project that I wanted to do since this April (when we moved to our current flat and have only just managed) was to shoot it! Mr. S and I've had loads of fun putting our mark on it!



View of the snow covered back yard and the conservatory / dining / Mr. S man cave. (*Ahem* that I ended up occupying most of the time as my packing station!)

Home - Guest Toilet


Original Vintage Bollywood Poster I bought on my last trip to India.


A fun DIY Project Mr. S & I did doodling an old Ikea table with our favourite things. (Ok so I doodled and he project managed it! :D) I'll share more pictures as a before and after soon.


Sleeping Beauty


There is so many exciting projects that I've already started planning for the New Year and I can't wait to share them with everybody. Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I'll see you after the Holidays!


GB said...

Your home is gorgeous! I found your blog when you were the etsy featured seller and have been following since. just de-lurking to state that your home is lovely + that DIY ikea center table is adorable! Love the "sholay" poster as well.

Justnoey said...

Oh Thank you GB! :)

that kate said...

You have some amazing prints in your home! Loving that typewriter too! Merry Christmas x

Vincent said...

WOW I wonder who's using the bike in the conservatory ;) The table looks wicked!!!

Justnoey said...

Thanks Kate! :) I am obsessed! Wish I could just fill the flat with posters! Hope you had a lovely Xmas & Happy New Year!

Justnoey said...

Haha Vincent I get the message! That's my New Year Resolution btw!

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