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Tuesday 6 July 2010

Shooting the Alphabet Plates

I finally got a chance to shoot some of the alphabet plates. I decided I'll start with all the alphabets that have cakes in them so I could go cake shopping! :) I think art directing and styling the photography is as important to me as the actual idea and designing. Each shoot is a massive learning curve for me and for this one I have to agree that less is more. I've kept it really simple and decided to shoot white on white. The alphabet plates will be available online soon and in the mean time here's the result:

T for Tea Time plate

D for Dessert Plate

C for Cake

Oh! and yeah All Alphabet plates will be available in Black & Blue.

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Katie Green said...

I just stumbled upon your work through the pikaland Flickr group and fell head over heels in love! I can't wait till these plates are for sale, however, that would require me to make a decision about which one I might need....

Thanks for making my day :)

Justnoey said...

Hey Katie, Thanks so much for such lovely compliments! You won't believe me but I recently came across your work (the zine) and loved it!!!

Asya said...

Hi! I love your alphabet plates. How is the image applied? They are really fantastic. Thank you for saying hello on my blog. :-)

Justnoey said...

Thanks a lot Asya, I create silkscreen transfers. And thanks for stopping by too. :)

PartyCity said...

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