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Thursday 13 August 2009

Make: A cocktail ring

Last evening I went for a fun, fun, creative jewellery making class called Cocktail ring at the make lounge in Islington. Make as they are fondly called offer amazing craft workshops like Survival sewing, Festive fascinator hat & Knockout knickers!
I've never made any jewellery before so, kinda started out quite clumsy and rubbish but with a bit of help from Merle O’Grady, our teacher, I managed to get on with the evening. Btw Merle is an amazing jewellery designer and has her own online store where she sells her own collections and she is also showing in next month's London Fashion Week.

I'm reallly pleased with the end result and have my very own purple bling to show off to the world! Oh! since we all finished early she also showed us, how to create cute button rings! Had a wicked time and will definitely do some more workshops at Make again.


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