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Monday 21 February 2011

Curry In a Hurry: A new collection

Pressure Cooker Ceramic side plate

Tiffin Ceramic side plate

Chai Kettle Ceramic side plate

Fan Ceramic side plate

Ever since my trip back home to India after 3 years I've been meaning to illustrate and design a collection inspired by food, patterns, colours, object, street art of India. There are so many iconic objects and images that I love and I just want that to be my starting point. I'm having fun creating random objects that I like and drawing them using pixel art. Watch out for this space for more patterns, ideas, designs...


Mireille said...

I just went for the first time in my life to Delhi and Mumbai visiting some girl friends of mine and I must say I totally love Incredible India!! I was researching and finding the names again of all the yummy foods that I had eaten when I stumbled on your post from last year. I am documenting my trip to India now and still working on my blog post, did already quite a few but still more to come...
LOVE your new work inspired by INDIA!!

Justnoey said...

Hi Mireille, Thanks for stopping by and the lovely commments. Apologies the late reply, I'd taken a small break from blogging. Your pictures to India look fantastic!!!

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