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Friday 7 January 2011

These are a few of our favourite things... DIY Doodled Table

Here are more photos of our center table I doodled all over. So the story behind the table is very different from what it looks like today. Mr. S  & I had this Ikea table as our TV stand in the last flat and when we moved to this new one there was no place to keep it. So for months it was disassembled and kept in storage. And we were almost gonna sell it for a fiver (the original price is about 30 quid) on Gumtree when we thought let's play around with it a bit and if we mess it up it can  just go in the bin. The original idea was to spray paint the top with chalk paint and have it as an interactive table. It would have been a perfect solution for Mr. S's list making! Haha! Anyway we did indeed first spray paint it with chalk paint at first but because this is a cheap Ikea table the top layer is actually paper. So when I drew on it with chalk pen I couldn't erase it because the paper was absorbing all the chalk pen ink! Anyway to cut the long story short we had to paint over it again and this time I drew something that would remain permanent! Here is the result!

DIY Doodled Table

Detail: DIY Doodled Table

Mr. S's side has a lot of drinking and eating invloved!

DIY Doodled Table

And my side is all about Cameras and Cats! :) Oh and food of course!

DIY Doodled Table


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