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Wednesday 23 June 2010

Pin it forward: What home means to me

Today I present to you Pin it forward. What is that you might ask... well it's a global blogging mash up (300 bloggers, 1 theme - Home: And what it means, 1 bookmarking tool- Pinterest) organized by super talented and very inspiring Victoria from Sfgirlbybay.
For me Home is...

A bit of my past... I'm originally from India and that's where my love affair with pattern and colours come from. (pins via An Indian Summer, StudioTipi)
And a bit of my present... London has changed the way I look at the world... it's home now and I feel I belong here. I love exploring it's many secrets.. be it through my work, people, the food or my view finder...

A work place that is creative and relaxing, inspiring and chaotic... A place I find myself and hide from the world. (pins via fixerupper, design*sponge, justnoey, dottie angel)
Tiny lil fur ball I can always cuddle! (pins via keepinspiring, baby kailan)
My window to life, my friends. (pins via apartment therapy, img spark)
Lastly those that love me and inspire me... that make my home complete. (pins via justnoey)

I  really enjoyed taking part in this fun project. You can check out the rest of my pinterest pinboards here and the previous post by Saucy mom. Now please give it up for Die Frau im haus  for the next round of blogging.

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Ben said...

What a beautiful post. The patterns and colors that kick off your post are really striking! Thanks for contributing to Pin-it-Forward!

Justnoey said...

Thanks Ben! I really enjoy using Pinterest & really had fun with Pin-it-forward. :)

Anonymous said...

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