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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Sneak Peak: P is for Pasta

I know it's a really long time since I last posted anything... I have soo many photos, news, things that I want to share that have been back lagging for me. I blame house move, no internet, holidays, Milan Design week and last but not the least Volcanic ashclouds for all of it. I think instead of starting from where I last left off I think I'll talk about what been happening lately and then work my way back including some amazing posts on Milan's Design Festival Salone De Mobile.

Sneak Peak: P is for Pasta

So the latest news is that my friend and the very talented Nat Nicklin and I are taking part in We Make London's Summer Fair. And here's a sneak peak at one of my new lines that I will be showcasing there. The Alphabet plates. Inspired by food, each alphabet is hand illustrated with food starting with that alphabet. I started with P of course but in the next few weeks will share with you all the designs.

Sneak Peak: P is for Pasta

So hope to see you all on June 26th at The Chelsea Town Hall!


Unknown said...

Hello! Will P ever be for sale on Etsy?! Would love to have P...hoping they didn't sell out already!!! :o)

Justnoey said...

Hi Patricia,

I have P but I haven't photographed it yet. Plan to upload it on Etsy this weekend. Email me and I'll let you know once it up. :)

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